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Silver Honeycomb Reflective Wall Decal

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Wall sticker decoration featuring silver reflective hexagons, part of our Wall Decals collection, will be perfect for a bedroom, living room or nursery walls!

Create a charming feature wall with our adorable Silver Honeycomb Reflective stickers - turn your kid's wall into a fun and lively space! This stylish honeycomb wall decal will add a touch of sophistication to your walls in few minutes! 

Whether you are looking to decorate your nursery, bathroom, bedroom,  or office, you will love the new look of your walls.

Wall decals make the decoration of a space as simple as possible. Applying a wall decal can be an easy way to add a new style to any room. 

Wall decals are easy to apply. The adhesive binds to any smooth, clean surface. Wall decals can be applied to smooth non-porous surfaces such as walls, windows, doors, mirrors, laptops and furniture


  • Silver Honeycomb Reflective
  • Small (46x40x23 cm)
  • Large (80x70x40 cm)
  • 12 pieces in one pack
  • High Quality Acrylic, Non-toxic
  • Each pack contains one color only and one size
  • Easy application - simply peel and stick
  • Long-lasting