About Us

Hello! We’re Diveros and we are on a mission to fill the walls of your house with more art, by providing a carefully selected range of products that will help you to create the home of your dreams.

Our Diveros concept is to provide the highest quality products: from modern and stylish art prints to a huge selection of mural wallpapers at a great price and with a free or affordable worldwide delivery.

Who are we? We are Alex and Helena, we are two sisters passionate about great design. We started DIVEROS.com as a small family business as we wanted to work with people who share our passions: wall art, interiors, design, home decor.

We work with a growing global community of independent artists and other small businesses all over the world. Together we reach, assist & obtain impressive designs, available as wallpaper, canvas prints, posters. At Diveros, we want to reach out to the customers and offer them beautiful, unique products, produced on safe, ecological printing on top quality materials.

Not only do we have a hands on approach with production and customizing of our wall murals, we also are directly involved with customer service to help our clients find the perfect mural for their home.


Our dream

When your Diveros mural is hung on your wall, we want you to stand back and say...Wow - I absolutely love it!!!