Measuring your wall is easier than you think. All you need is the width and height of the wall at the longest and widest possible points.

We recommend you to add an extra 3-5 cm on each side to allow for any deviations and measurement inaccuracies.

Standard walls

Simply measure the full width (from left to right) of your wall and height (from floor to ceiling). Make sure you only measure the area that you want to cover (excluding any skirting boards or ceiling moldings).

Sloped walls

When you have a sloped ceiling or wall, measure the wall on the highest and widest point, ignoring any slopes.

Since we print your mural as a square or rectangle, the sloping section is simply cut away during installation.

Multi-sloped walls

If your wall has two slopes, measure the longest part of the wall in width and height. The mural will be produced as a whole rectangle or square, with the sloped parts cutaways taking place during installation.

Walls with doors, windows or other obstacles

For walls with a door, window, or other obstacles, measure the total width and height of the wall.

All obstacles is cut away during installation.

Multiple walls

To wrap a wallpaper around multiple walls, simply add the widths of the individual walls and combine these measurements into one when ordering. Check the height on all walls - if different, use the highest dimension and enter this when ordering. Your wallpaper should not be ordered in two separate orders as the pattern may not match.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about measuring you wall, just contact us and we will be happy to advise.