• Create the Perfect Shelter in Your Home with Botanical Bedroom Wallpaper

    If you are a plant lover and want to bring a bit of nature into your home, get inspired to add botanicals to your home décor.  A great way for bringing the beauty and freshness of the outdoors in your home is using a botanical wallpaper.

  • Great Selection of Nature Inspired Canvas Prints

    A simple and easy way to surround yourself by nature is using in your living space gorgeous nature inspired illustrations on canvas prints. You could use one large print as a statement piece of your interior or create your own gallery wall in a huge range of floral, tropical, botanical or animal theme and color palette.

  • Paint by Numbers: Basic Instructions

    We have prepared a list of all the important things you've got to know before you start your first paint by numbers.

  • 5 Inspiring Living Room Wallpapers Ideas To Suit Your Personality

    A wallpaper is the easiest and usually cheaper way to inject personality into your living room. Sometimes it is very challenging to find a design  you like, as there are so many designs to choose from, so we’ve prepared for you five different looks for your living room mural wallpapers to get you inspired.

  • Make your space come to life with stunning nature inspired wall murals

    Although, we do not always have time to go out in nature and enjoy it there, we have become creative and we have found ways to remind us of dense forests, luxuriant tropical and jungle vegetation, spectacular flowers and cute animals. No wonder that contemporary designers still find inspiration in the world of nature and willingly invite it into our living spaces. The charm and the beauty of the nature are perfectly visible in modern wallpapers.

  • Discover 5 Stunning Wallpapers to Bring Color to Your Living Space

    A colorful wall mural can bring a touch of your personality to your home, whether you choose models in shades of cream, blue, pink, red or darker shades of brown and grey. You can find anything you enjoy and whatever you need, whether you decorate the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or your office.

  • Natural Silk Pillowcase – the Perfect Gift for Almost Every Occasion

    Eco-friendly, pure, opulent, natural, luxurious. With proven benefits for hair and skin health, the silk pillowcase is the perfect gift for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

    Our pillowcases made form luxuriously soft pure-silk is a perfect gift for yourself and your dearest ones. It is available in a wide range of monochrome colors (lavender, violet, silver grey, coffee, rose pink, ivory, beige, sky blue, wine red, dark blue, emerald, black) and floral pattern (cherry rose, pink fresia, tiny rose, vintage tulip, silver poppy, spring blossom).

  • Discover the Amazing Benefits of Silk Pillowcase

    It is well known that silk is incredibly smooth and feels great on the skin. Natural silk is very fine, lush, vaporous, versatile, durable, light, and has a beautiful appearance due to the fine threads of which it is composed.

    Silk in addition to lush softness and beauty, has a number of impressive properties and benefits that cannot compete with any other natural or man-made fiber. There are many benefits when using a silk pillowcase.

  • Find Simple Ideas For A Gorgeous Tropical Decor

    Tropical decor has been very popular lately. Exotic birds, oversized palm and banana leaves, lush vegetation and an abundance of greenery. Any tropical forest or jungle landscape emanates an air of freshness, coolness, that give us the illusion that we are entering an exotic land. Now you can integrate it in the comfort of your home with a tropical themed decor.

  • 5 Stunning Nature Inspired Mural Wallpapers For A Dreamy Bedroom

    Wallpapers are always a very nice choice in terms of customizing the walls of our homes. You can choose from a multitude of option when it comes to decorating the walls of your bedroom. A great way to make your bedroom a place for sweet dreams is using nature inspired wall murals. 
  • How to hang a wallpaper?

    Wallpapers and wall murals are definitely back in trend and we should enjoy the benefits of using them for decorating our rooms. Installing a wallpaper can be a challenge if you haven't done this before. Here you will find the most essential steps to follow when applying a wallpaper.

  • How to estimate the amount of the wallpaper you need?

    If choosing a wallpaper pattern is an easy task, estimating the amount of the wallpaper you need for your walls, would seem, at first glance, a real challenge. In this article you will find the most important things to know about calculating the amount of mural wallpaper or pattern wallpaper you will need to fit your walls.