Paint by numbers: basic instructions

Paint by numbers: basic instructions

We have prepared a list of all the important things you've got to know before you start your first paint by numbers.

Your paint by numbers kit contains:

- Pre-printed and numbered high quality painting canvas, 40 x 50 cm 

- Numbered acrylic paints - 1 set

- Set of 3 nylon paint brushes ( Small, Medium, Large)

The painting canvas and paint containers are both marked with digits. Each digit of the container correspond to the same number of the canvas. For example, the paint container numbered 21 should be applied to the painting canvas area marked with the number 21. Most often, the painting set contain up to 28 colors of paint, which will have to be used in the painting process.

You will need a cup of water with which you will clean your brushes. It is necessary to clean the brush after application of each color. You may also need a piece of cloth in order to remove the water from the brush after washing.

Try to paint with one color at a time. Then, go in with next color to the corresponding numbered set on the painting canvas.

You can start by painting on large area using the largest brush in the set. Then move on to the medium-sized, followed by the smallest areas of the image. In fact, choosing where to start coloring depends only on your imagination.

Let the painted areas dry completely before painting adjacent sections. Color all the sections and leave no gaps between colors.

Allow your painting to dry 24 hours before inserting your work into a frame.

Congratulations, now you are a real Paint by Numbers Artist!

Don’t forget to share your final work with the world!