How to estimate the amount of the wallpaper you need?

How to estimate the amount of the wallpaper you need?

A wallpaper is a great option when decorating a living space, but it is not the only option. Lately, mural wallpaper is becoming more and more popular when it comes to create a unique accent wall that will fit to your personality.

If choosing a wallpaper pattern is an easy task, estimating the amount of the wallpaper you need for your walls, would seem, at first glance, a real challenge. In this article you will find the most important things to know about calculating the amount of mural wallpaper or pattern wallpaper you will need to fit your walls.

First of all, let’s have a look of the difference between a mural wallpaper and a pattern wallpaper.

What is a wallpaper and a mural wallpaper?

A Wallpaper is a texture/pattern that repeats itself over and over.

A mural wallpaper represents often a photo or illustration, especially, but not necessarily, inspired by the nature, helping to create unique interiors. A mural wallpaper is custom made to fit the customer walls dimensions and is sold by square meters. At Diveros we have a great selection of Mural Wallpapers: vintage, floral, tropical, jungle, nature inspired – all of which customized to your wall.

The Mists of Ireland Forest Wall Mural

How to calculate the right amount of the mural wallpaper you need?

Measurement Instruction: measure your wall size - width and height. Multiply this sizes in order to obtain the squares meters required (sq.m). Round up to next round number.

Let’s say for example, your wall measures 3.2 m width and 2.6 m height. Include a few 5 cm for errors. Now multiply, to get the area: 3.25 x 2.65=8.6 sq.m. Round up and you need 9 sq.m of mural wallpaper.

You can also write your wall dimensions in the comments at check out or write to us a message and we will custom size for you.

How to calculate the right amount of the pattern wallpaper?

A pattern wallpaper is sold by the roll. When purchasing a wallpaper, we must consider two very important elements: the wall size (width and height) and the size of the wallpaper roll (length and width).

The dimensions of the roll may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, usually they have a length of 10 m, and the width can be 50 cm, 70 cm or 1 m. This is noted on the roll. The measuring process is quite similar as for mural wallpaper with some particularities.

Let’s have an example of a wallpaper roll that measures 70 cm width and 10 m length. Your wall dimensions are 320 cm width and 260 cm height. You have to divide the wall width to the roll width and you get the number of strips. 320:70 = 4.57 - approximately 5 strips. Then multiply the number of strips with your wall height to receive the right amount of required meters. 5 x 260=1300 cm or 13 m. If one roll is 10 m, you will need 2 rolls.