Create the perfect shelter in your home with botanical bedroom wallpaper

Create the perfect shelter in your home with botanical bedroom wallpaper


If you are a plant lover and want to bring a bit of nature into your home, get inspired to add botanicals to your home décor.  A great way for bringing the beauty and freshness of the outdoors in your home is using a botanical wallpaper.

The botanical wallpaper can create a plethora of ambiences: tropical, exotic, romantic, cheerful, stimulating or relaxing, and sometimes abstract. This magical green universe offers a rich choice in terms of wallpaper designs. Flowers, wild plants, grasses, bushes, branches, forest and leaves are all motifs of botanical-themed wallpapers.

Wherever your preferences may be in terms of outdoor landscape, we definitely have the perfect decoration for your walls. With a wide variety of amazing natural tones of green, blue, brown, white, pink and more, our botanical wallpapers will bring vitality and colors  of these places into your living space. With the huge variety of plants reflected in wallpaper prints, anyone can find their very favorite botanical model. Abstract leaves or a magical forest? Perhaps you'd prefer an exotic green shelter which reminds you of a tropical holiday?

Here are some of our favorite wall murals to liven up your home design!

Tropical Palms Mural Wallpaper

Tropical Shelter Mural Wallpaper

Retro Banana Leaves Mural Wallpaper 

Nordic Grey Leaves Mural Wallpaper


Nordic Forest Mural Wallpaper


Retro Pink Flamingo Mural Wallpaper 

Dark Pastoral Flowers Mural Wallpaper 

Jungle Paradise Mural Wallpaper


 Secret Garden Mural Wallpaper

Blissful Valley Mural Wallpaper