Amazing vintage floral wallpapers to create a moody ambiance

Amazing vintage floral wallpapers to create a moody ambiance

The vintage style has been very popular for several years and designers are still finding sources of inspiration in it. A vintage floral wallpaper can make your home an oasis of relaxation and comfort, whether you choose models in neutral shades of beige, gray, cream or darker shades of brown, blue, earth gray or red.

Whichever model you want, the vintage floral wallpaper can completely change the look of any room and can make it look either of a perfect vintage luxury or of a superb postmodern minimalism. You can find anything you enjoy and whatever you need, whether you decorate the kitchen, bathroom, living room or your office.

Our collection of vintage floral wall murals brings a touch of classic elegance for every room. They can be found in a great diversity of flowers, including white lotus, red passionate poppies, pastel peonies, sun flowers, dandelion and other stunning summer and spring flowers.

Your bedroom or living room seems like an obvious choice for this stunning Delicate Spring Flowers Mural Wallpaper. We love these retro style spring flowers painting transformed into a beautiful wallpaper in vintage blue, matured cream and brown colors. 

Delicate Spring Flowers Mural Wallpaper

Moody, mysterious air floral prints are in trend this year. The Vintage Nordic Flower Mural Wallpaper is a chic and deep choice that will transform a bedroom or living room into a regal’s chamber. Keeping the rest of the space simple will make this wall mural to shine.

The Vintage Nordic Flower Mural Wallpaper

If you prefer the romantic and elegant style, the Vintage Peonies Mural Wallpaper is a perfect choise for decorating your living space. With its large and rich flowers, this mural will bring a beautiful and elegant touch to your home.

Vintage Peonies Mural Wallpaper

If you are looking to include a vintage wallpaper with floral motifs into a kids’s bedroom, this pretty Spring Floral Story mural wallpaper featuring pastel iris in blue and pink colors is a perfect choice.

Spring Floral Story Mural Wallpaper