5 inspiring living room wallpapers ideas to suit your personality

5 inspiring living room wallpapers ideas to suit your personality

A wallpaper is the easiest and usually less expensive way to inject personality into your living room. The right living room wallpaper ideas can totally transform your space, whether you choose models in shades of cream, blue, pink, red or darker shades of brown and grey.

Sometimes it is very challenging to find a design  you like, as there are so many designs to choose from, so we’ve prepared for you five different looks for your living room mural wallpapers to get you inspired.

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Jungle Sunset Mural Wallpaper. Jungle print wallpaper has been on trend lately, and our love for the luxuriant greenery and banana leaves aren't going anywhere. This nature inspired mural in pastel dusty yellow colors brings a magical calm across the edge of the jungle. Featuring  landscapes filled with familiar flora and fauna the Jungle Sunrise Mural Wallpaper is an artfully designed mural that helps you create a naturally calm environment with a hint of retro feel in your living space.

Minimalist Tropical Mural WallpaperBring fresh tropical vibes into your space full of stylish  tones of green with a stunning exotic wallpaper featuring banana leaves and exotic birds. With large scale tropical leaves, the mural in a wonderful vintage aesthetic match perfect for minimalist tropical living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, or even a sophisticated children’s nursery.

Starry Night Mural Wallpaper. The beautiful Starry Night Mural Wallpaper in blue, cream and yellow colors is a hand-painted illustration, a reproduction of the famous Vincent van Gogh post-impressionism oil painting. The Starry Night will transform your wall into a statement piece of art. The mural will help you to create a naturally calm environment and bring a romantic air of the French Province in your living space.

Brooklyn Bridge Night Mural Wallpaper. If your space needs a little bit of that grandeur and dynamism of the New York city, an Brooklyn Bridge Night Mural Wallpaper may be just what you need. It is impossible to ignore the beauty and splendor that comes with one of the most iconic images in the world. This Brooklyn Bridge Night Photo Mural Wallpaper will look fantastic on all the walls of your room. A perfect mural for your lounge, living room, bedroom or any other loving space you want to create a great New York city atmosphere.

Italian Renaissance Art Mural Wallpaper. A fabulous, yet sophisticated mural wallpaper featuring the famous Italian Renaissance Art, reflecting religious, mythological and allegorical subjects. Bring a sweet and tender piece of art into your interior with the Italian Renaissance Art Mural Wallpaper featuring paradisiacal motifs. This Italian Renaissance Art Mural wallpaper is a stylish and guaranteed eye-catcher for any space.