Natural silk pillowcase – the perfect  gift for almost every occasion

Natural silk pillowcase – the perfect gift for almost every occasion

Eco-friendly, pure, opulent, natural, luxurious. With proven benefits for hair and skin health, the silk pillowcase is the perfect gift for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The joy, enthusiasm and impatience on everyone's faces settles in slowly, easily, as the most awaited winter holidays approaches. When you give a Christmas present, you receive the smile and joy of the one you are addressing it. And it's incredibly nice to find the right gift for everyone, to fulfill wishes and anticipate expectations and to be surprising.

Our pillowcases made form luxuriously soft pure-silk is a perfect gift for yourself and your dearest ones. It is available in a wide range of monochrome colors (lavender, violet, silver grey, coffee, rose pink, ivory, beige, sky blue, wine red, dark blue, emerald, black) and floral pattern (cherry rose, pink fresia, tiny rose, vintage tulip, silver poppy, spring blossom).

Wine Red Luxury Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Blue Rose Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The benefits of silk pillowcases are incredible and cannot compete with any other natural fabric.

Reduces hair frizz!

Because they're made from 19-Momme 100% Mulberry Silk, our pillowcases are incredibly soft and smooth. This reduces the friction on your hair, so your hair is protected from split ends.

Healthier, shinier hair!

The silk pillowcase won't absorb moisture. The moisture and natural oil found in your hair won’t absorb into the pillowcase, and your hair won’t be stripped of its moisture while you sleep. Your hair will be cleaner and your pillow will remain as well cleaner.

Suitable for sensitive skin!

Silk also has an amazing ability to help our skin reabsorb moisture through the natural amino acids in silk. It absorbs moisture released by the body during the night and is extremely beneficial in terms of skin rejuvenation. This is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from dry skin.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic 

Due to its natural protein composition, silk is the most hypoallergenic fiber, ideal for sensitive skin soothing irritations and comforting it. Silk repels mites and moths, so it is perfect for anyone suffering from asthma or allergies. Moreover, despite its very gentle appearance, silk is resistant to odors and dirt.

Less fine wrinkles!

Because the pure silk is so soft and smooth, you won't get any sleep wrinkles and fine lines. The silk pillowcases will maintain hydration, cleanliness of the skin and prevent sleep wrinkles. You'll wake up with a morning glow.

A natural silk pillowcase is long-lasting

You can wash your silk pillowcase over and over again and it won’t get ruined like so many other fabrics.

You’ll Have an Incredible Comfortable and Luxurious Night’s Sleep!

The secret of a good night’s beauty sleep starts with a natural silk pillowcase. Due to the softness and smoothness of the silk pillowcase, it won't bunch up and become uncomfortable. The silk pillowcases are very comfortable in any season: in winter they are warm, and in summer they are cool. Silk allows the body to breathe. You will wake up relaxed and refreshed, full of energy.